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UP S-40-6 (1955 Scheme)

UP S-40-6 (1955 Scheme)

  • 2000

The S-40-6 stock cars were originally built as single deck cars when delivered to the UP in 1918. They were re-built starting in 1941 to double deck cars and numbered into the 41000 series. This group of cars represent the 1955 scheme with no stripes on the car number board. The following car numbers are available: 1) 41005D, 2) 41143D, 3) 41201D, 4) 41244D, 5) 41323D, 6) 41473D, 7) 41531D, 8) 41653D, 9) 41714D, 10) 41840D, 11) 41872D and 12) 41901D. $20.00 per car plus shipping and handling. Sorry, no UPHS discount on this item.

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