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UP S-40-6 (Pre 1955 Scheme)

UP S-40-6 (Pre 1955 Scheme)

  • 2000

The S-40-6 stock cars were originally built as single deck stock cars when delivered to the UP in 1918. They were re-built starting in 1941 to double deck cars and numbered into the 41000 series. This group of cars represent the Pre-1955 scheme with stripes above and below the car number. The following car numbers are available: 1) 41010D,  2) 41176D, 3) 41285D, 4) 41309D, 5) 41377D, 6) 41419D, 7) 41452D, 8) 41590D, 9) 41616D, 10) 41664D and 11) 41988D. $20.00 per car plus shipping and handling. Sorry, no member discounts.

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